27 August, 2017

80) Vrtača (11/Jun/2017)

Vrtača (2181m) is the 2nd highest mountain in the Karavanke range.
Karavanke mountains form a natural border between Slovenia and Austria.
We started the hike at Ljubelj pass, which is also a border crossing between the two countries.
A mountain hut named "Dom na Zelenici" is shown next - it's a very popular destination just a short walk away from Ljubelj.
We didn't stop for long at the hut - we just continued towards the summit of Vrtača.
Our dog Bučko found a patch of snow just below the summit, to cool down a little.
It was a great day in the Alps, with perfectly clear blue skies.

25 August, 2017

79) Raduha (04/Jun/2017)

This video shows a hike to the summit of Raduha (2062m).
We started the hike at Bukovnik farm, and walked to a mountain hut named Koča na Grohatu.
Then up to the base of vertical northwest face of the mountain, and to Durce.
From Durce, it's just an easy hike to the summit.
The day was a bit cloudy, but that's OK.

25 April, 2017

78) Matkov Kot - 25/Feb/2017

Matkov Kot is one of the three parallel valleys in the northeastern corner of Savinjske Alpe range.
The other two valleys are the famous Logarska Dolina and Robanov Kot.
We went hiking in fresh snow, on a wonderful winter day.
But our little dog got himself into trouble.
The snow stuck onto his long hair, until he could not move anymore.
So we had to cut the hike short, and carry him back to the trailhead.
And that was the end of our hike in Matkov Kot.

14 February, 2017

77) Uršlja gora - 31/Dec/2016

Uršlja gora (1699m) is not too far from our home, and it's a lovely hike, so we decided to go there on the last day of the year.
This is just a short video which shows some scenes on the summit in beautiful weather.
Some hikers went up there to spend the New Year's Eve in the mountain hut on top, but we returned to the trailhead and drove back home.

13 February, 2017

76) Velika Planina - 26/Dec/2016

Velika Planina is a very popular spot, known for the traditional shepherd huts.
The huts can be rented, and the owners offer fresh milk products.
In the warmer months, cowbells are ringing everywhere - but the cows don't stay up here in winter.
They are taken to lowlands in the end of September.
Our three dogs had great fun running about in the beautiful setting.
Velika Planina is right on the edge of the mountain range named Kamniške Alpe, so the views are quite beautiful.
Ljubljana basin can be seen in the south, and much of Slovenia is visible when the skies are clear.
The highest peaks in Kamniške Alpe, which are towering in the north, provide a very beautiful backdrop.

12 February, 2017

75) Smrekovec - 24/Dec/2016

This short video shows us fooling around on the summit of Smrekovec (1577m).
Smrekovec is of volcanic origin, and is therefore quite different from the mountains in Slovenian Alps which are mostly composed of limestone.
A nice hut named Dom na Smrekovcu (1375m) is located at the base of Smrekovec, and is a very popular destination for family trips and hikes.

11 February, 2017

74) Peca - 17/Dec/2016

We climbed Peca (2125m) several times before, and it is always a wonderful hike.
It's a very popular peak, but we hardly met anyone on our hike, and we were at the summit alone.
The video begins at a mountain hut named Dom na Peci (1665m). 
I took the relatively demanding climbing route, while others went up the easier hiking trail.
We met at the summit and spent some time there, taking in the views across Slovenia and Austria.
Peca is right on the border between the two countries.
On the way down, we visited Matjaž cave with the statue of sleeping King Matjaž.

10 February, 2017

73) Velika Zelenica - 10/Dec/2016

This video shows a winter hike to the summit of Velika Zelenica (2114m).
The mountain should have been covered under a thick blanket of snow, but we had T-shirt weather in December.
Our hike began at Planina Ravne (1500m), and it took us about two hours to reach the summit.
The views on the summit are quite wonderful: the neighbouring Ojstrica (2350m) looks particularly impressive.