05 November, 2015

56) Above the clouds on Storžič - 26/Aug/2015

Storžič (2132 m) is a prominent peak in the Kamniške Alpe range. It's separated from the central parts of the range by Kokra valley, and because of that, views from the summit are quite amazing.
The weather did not look great when we got to the trailhead - foggy and grey.
But just when reaching the upper slopes, we broke out of the low clouds, and into bright sunshine.
The highest peaks in the range, Kočna and Grintovec, could be seen nearby, reaching above the clouds. In the west, Julian Alps could be seen in the distance.
Everything else was under a thick carpet of low clouds.

04 November, 2015

55) Češka koča and Jezersko - 08/Aug/2015

This was a nice family hike to a mountain lodge named Češka koča, in the range named Kamniške Alpe.
The hike to Češka koča is not very difficult, and not very long.
The lodge is a good stopover on the way to Grintovec, Kočna and Skuta, which are the highest peaks in Kamniške Alpe range.
On the way back, we took a stroll around a little lake named Planšarsko jezero, near Jezersko.

22 August, 2015

54) A trip around Lake Bled - 04/Jul/2015

Another video from Bled, showing a trip around the lake with my son. 
It's a pleasant stroll, but this time we took our bicycles.
I posted similar videos before because we keep returning to Bled - it's one of the most popular spots in the country for a reason.
The video shows a wedding party, sailing across the lake in pletna boats, on their way to the island.
The view of Bled castle on the cliff was not at its best, due to a crane, but that's OK.

21 August, 2015

53) Lake Bohinj - July 2015

The video shows scenes from Lake Bohinj in Triglav National Park.
A lot of fish, a couple of ducks, and a silly little dog.

20 August, 2015

52) Vrata valley - 01/Jul/2015

This video shows a family hike in the Vrata valley, in Triglav National Park.
We started the hike near the base of the north face of Triglav, which is a sheer 1000 m wall rising steeply from the valley floor.
The video begins by the monument dedicated to fallen mountaineers - resistance fighters in World War II.
From the monument, we follow the "Pot Triglavske Bistrice" trail, passing by the "Aljažev dom" mountain hut.
Various scenes from the hike come next, and in the end you can see the Peričnik waterfall.

19 August, 2015

51) From Zelenci to Mojstrana by bicycles (again) - 30/Jun/2015

We did the same bicycle trip back in 2013, so it was high time to do it again.
The bike trail from Zelenci to Mojstrana is one of the nicer bike paths in Slovenia, right on the edge of Triglav National Park, with full view of high peaks such as Ponca, Prisank, Razor, Špik and Triglav.
This time around, the video shows more action scenes on our bikes, and the weather is sunnier.
It again begins at Zelenci, the source of Sava Dolinka river.
You can see a couple of rest stops along the way, and the final part shows mountains above Kranjska gora (Razor and Prisank) and Gozd Martuljek (the Špik group).

18 August, 2015

50) Peca - 21/Jun/2015

Peca is a prominent peak in the Karavanke mountain range, right on the border between Slovenia and Austria. The highest point is named Kordeževa glava (2125 m), and is easily accessible.
Peca is the easternmost peak in Karavanke higher than 2000 m.
The video begins at the mountain hut named "Dom na Peci" (1665 m), and then shows the ascend on the climbing trail.
The views from the summit of Kordeževa glava come next, followed by the descend via the regular hiking trail.


20 June, 2015

49) Nanos - 09/May/2015

Nanos is not just a mountain but a range in southwestern Slovenia, not far from the Adriatic coast.
The highest point is Suhi vrh (1313 m), but the most popular hiking destination is Pleša (1262 m). Pleša dominates the land between Postojna, Razdrto and Vipava valley, and is easily recognisable by the TV broadcast tower on top.
The video shows our hike to the summit of Pleša.
We started the hike in Razdrto, and went up the steep climbing trail.
It was quite windy on the summit, this area is known for strong northern wind named Bora (burja).
A mountain hut on the top (Vojkova koča) offers meals, drinks and lodging.
We returned via the easy trail, passing by the old church of St. Hieronim (the church is around 400 years old).

29 January, 2015

48) From Pokljuka to Vodnikov dom - 01/Nov/2014

This video shows a family hike from Pokljuka to Vodnikov dom and back.
It's about three-hour hike one way, and it's a very scenic one.
The final part offers great views of Triglav.
Vodnikov dom is about halfway to Triglav - we will do the whole trip to the summit next time. 
We had luck with weather, so it was a very enjoyable day out in the Alps.

47) Triglav - 19/Oct/2014

Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia.
In October, weather can be unpredictable.
Anything is possible, from bright sunshine to rain and snow.
I had luck, it was a beautiful warm day.
The hike started at Rudno polje (on Pokljuka).
After passing Vodnikov dom and Dom Planika, I was on the summit.
On the way down, I went to Kredarica, then back to Vodnikov dom and Rudno polje.

28 January, 2015

46) Lake Bled - 29/Jun/2013

Lake Bled is probably the most famous tourist spot in Slovenia.
This video shows various scenes from the lake, including a boat trip to the island and a ride around the lake with a little train.

45) From Vršič to Sleme - 27/Jun/2013

Sleme is quite a scenic place high above the Tamar valley.
It offers great views of the surrounding mountains, with Jalovec being a standout.
The weather was not great when we were there, but we had fun.
When we got back down to Vršič, we had a drink and enjoyed fabulous views of Prisank. 

44) From Zelenci to Mojstrana - 26/Jun/2013

A nice cycling path stretches between Kranjska gora and Mojstrana.
This video was taken on a cycling trip along this path.
We stopped at Zelenci, Gozd Martuljek, and other interesting spots.

43) Uršlja gora - 18/May/2013

Uršlja gora is an easy mountain in Koroška (Carinthia).
Even though it's not very high, it offers commanding views of surrounding landscape.
The video actually begins at the summit, showing our little Lili playing with another dog.
A mountain hut is right on the top, and also an old church from the middle ages.
After spending time on the summit and enjoying the view, we then hiked back down to the trailhead.

27 January, 2015

42) A hike to Korošica - 08/Sep/2012

Korošica is a small plateau in Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe range, under the summit of Ojstrica.
We hiked from Podvolovljek up to Korošica, stopping at nice spots along the way.
I thought I could make a quick dash to the summit of Ojstrica while others would wait at the plateau, but we were a little late.
So we all just spent some time at the hut named Kocbekov dom.

41) Vogel - 24/Aug/2012

Vogel is a ski resort above Lake Bohinj.
We took the cable car from lake shore up to Ski Hotel Vogel, and then went hiking in the area.
The views of Lake Bohinj and Julian Alps with Triglav were wonderful.
In the end, we took the cable car back down to the lake.

40) Mangrtsko sedlo - 22/Aug/2012

The road to Mangrtsko sedlo is the highest paved road in Slovenia.
It's a toll road nowadays, quite rough, winding and steep in some places.
There's a mountain hut just below the pass, and the summit of Mangrt is only about two hours away.
It's a steep and exposed climb to the summit, though.
From Mangrtsko sedlo, there are nice views of Slovenia, Italy and Austria.

39) From Kope to Ribniška koča - 19/Aug/2012

This is another family hike on Pohorje.
We drove to Kope, a skiing resort above Slovenj Gradec.
This was our starting point for a pleasant hike towards Ribniška koča.
We spent some time looking at the horses, and by a tiny lake not far from our destination.

38) Prehistoric creatures at Arboretum Volčji potok - 04/May/2012

The video shows another trip to Arboretum Volčji potok.
This time, huge prehistoric creatures were on display.

37) Grintovec - 20/Nov/2011

Grintovec (2558 m) is the highest mountain in Kamniške Alpe range.
It is not as prominent as Triglav is in the Julian Alps - Kočna and Skuta are almost as high as Grintovec.
But its pyramid shape is instantly recognized. 
The views from the summit are grand.
A large part of Slovenia can be seen, and also Austria.
The video shows the upper part of climb to the summit - from Kokrsko sedlo to the top and back.

36) From Ribniška koča to Lovrenška jezera - 13/Nov/2011

We often hike on Pohorje, especially from Rogla or Pesek to Lovrenška jezera.
This time, we started on the other side - at Ribniška koča.
We hiked to Lovrenška jezera together, and spent some time by the lakes.
Our boy almost froze his fingers off, playing with ice on the lakes.
My family went on to Rogla, while I returned to Ribniška koča to get the car.

26 January, 2015

35) Turska gora - 17/Sep/2011

The video shows a hike from Logarska dolina to the summit of Turska gora and back.
Rinka waterfall is reduced to a tiny strip of water in September.
From Rinka, the trail goes up to Okrešelj, and then through a steep couloir named Turski žleb.
Once on the top of Turski žleb, it's not very far to the summit of Turska gora.
I descended onto the other side - first to Kamniško sedlo, and then back to Logarska dolina.

34) Smrekovec and Komen - 13/Aug/2011

Smrekovec and Komen are two easily accessible peaks between Mozirje, Ljubno and Črna.
In this video, you can see a pleasant family hike from Dom na Smrekovcu to Komen, feasting on blueberries along the way.

33) Jama Pekel (Hell Cave) - 17/Jul/2011

Jama Pekel (Hell Cave) is located near Šempeter, which is not far from Celje.
While the cave is not as large as more famous Postojna and Škocjan caves, it's still worth a visit. 
The video shows a visit to the cave with our family.

32) Dinosaurs at Arboretum Volčji potok - 17/Apr/2011

Arboretum Volčji potok is a botanical garden near Kamnik.
We always like to visit, especially when there's something special going on, like the dinosaurs on display.

31) Paški Kozjak - 02/Apr/2011

Paški Kozjak is an area between Pohorje and Velenje in eastern Slovenia.
The video shows hiking in Paški Kozjak, all the way up to the highest point named Basališče.

25 January, 2015

30) Logarska dolina in winter - 29/Jan/2011

The video shows a short hike in Logarska dolina on a cloudy and cold winter day.
We parked the car near the entrance to the valley, and hiked about halfway into the valley.
Not very great weather, but the kids and Pina had fun.

29) Krma valley - 21/Aug/2010

This is a short hike in Krma valley.
Krma is a beautiful valley, known as one of the trailheads for a climb to the summit of Triglav.

28) Around Lake Bled - 20/Aug/2010

This is a short video, which shows some scenes from a stroll around Lake Bled.

27) Pišnica - 18/Aug/2010

Pišnica is a little valley which leads from the main road between Kranjska gora and Vršič towards the base of high peaks such as Škrlatica and Razor.
The video shows our hike to the mountain hut in the valley, followed by a visit to Kekčeva dežela (the land of Kekec).

26) Škocjanske jame (Škocjan caves) - 30/May/2010

Škocjan caves rank among the best-known attractions in Slovenia.
The caves are included in UNESCO World Heritage.
The most distinctive feature is a huge underground canyon, which is over 140 meters high.
The canyon and the bridge over it looks like something straight out of Lord of the Rings. 

25) Raduha - 30/Aug/2009

Raduha is an easily accessible mountain in Savinjske Alpe range.
It's separated from the main range by Savinja river and by the road to Logarska dolina.
This hike was quite well suited to take our five-year old boy with us.
And Pina had some fun with a couple of pigs.

24) Ljubljana Zoo - 24/Aug/2009

A fun day out in Ljubljana Zoo.

23) Olševa - 23/Aug/2009

Olševa is a mountain in Karavanke range, right on the border between Slovenia and Austria.
About halfway up the mountain, there's a cave named Potočka Zijalka.
A lot of prehistoric artifacts have been found in the cave, such as arrow heads, bone flute, and the World's oldest sewing needle.
Also, bones of animals such as cave bears and wolves have been excavated.
I hiked from cave to the Olševa summit alone, while others returned to the valley.

22) Soriška planina - 18/Aug/2009

Soriška planina is accessible from Bohinjska Bistrica and from Petrovo Brdo.
The road is steep and winding.
It's a skiing resort in winter, and a good place for hiking in the summer.
We hiked up to a couple of peaks above Soriška planina.
We also visited bunkers and a fortress from World War I.
Nowadays, sheep live in the fortress.

21) Vrata valley - 16/Aug/2009

Vrata valley is quite special - it leads right to the north face of Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia.
We didn't go quite that far in this video.
Instead, we visited a place named The Galleries (Galerije).
The video ends at Peričnik waterfall.

20) Bohinjsko jezero (Lake Bohinj) - 15/Aug/2009

This video shows a short hike to the north shore of Bohinjsko jezero, and then there's swimming at our favourite spot.
Pina again enjoys swimming in the lake a lot.

19) Velika planina - 02/Aug/2009

Velika planina is a very popular spot.
It's easily accessible by cable car from Kamniška Bistrica - but we decided to hike.
On Velika planina, shepherds still look after the cows and make cheese.
However, a lot of shepherd huts are used for tourists and visitors nowadays.
Views of the peaks such as Grintovec, Skuta, Planjava and Ojstrica are quite grand on Velika planina.
View to the south is also great, a large part of the country can be seen.

18) From Logarska dolina to Klemenča jama - 17/May/2009

Logarska dolina offers a lot of hiking opportunities.
In this video, we parked in the valley and hiked to Klemenča jama.
This is a short hike, suitable for families.
We went with friends who had babies with them.
At Klemenča jama hut, we stopped for a meal, then headed back down to the valley.

24 January, 2015

17) From Donačka gora to Boč - 10/May/2009

Donačka gora and Boč are two mountains in eastern Slovenia.
These are not Alps anymore, so they are not very high.
They still offer some nice hiking opportunities.
The video shows a family hike from Donačka gora to Boč in pleasant spring weather.

16) Kamniška Bistrica - 05/Apr/2009

Kamniška Bistrica is surrounded by some of the highest peaks in Kamniške alpe.
It's close to Kamnik and Ljubljana, so a lot of people visit it.
Trails from Kamniška Bistrica lead to Kamniško sedlo, Kokrsko sedlo, Skuta, Grintovec, Planjava, Brana and other peaks.
The video shows our hike in the surroundings of Kamniška Bistrica.

15) Robanov kot - Feb/2009

Robanov kot is a valley parallel to more famous Logarska dolina.
This video shows a winter hike in the valley on a very cold day.
Robanov kot is surrounded by high peaks such as Krofička and Ojstrica.
Views of Raduha dominate the northern horizon.
In contrast with Logarska dolina, where it is possible to drive to the end of the valley, the road will not take you very far into Robanov kot.
It's a pleasant and scenic hike to the valley's end.

23 January, 2015

14) Hiking in Julian Alps - 06/Sep/2008

The weather wasn't great - too many clouds, not enough sun.
But it was a good hike anyway.
We started the hike at Koča pri Savici (Savica hut), at the end of the road in Bohinj.
First, we climbed up Komarča - this is a steep section which does not take too long.
Črno jezero (Black Lake) is located at the top of Komarča.
From Črno jezero, we went to Planina pri jezeru, and had lunch there.
Next, we hiked into the Seven Lakes Valley, and stopped by the Double Lake (Dvojno jezero).
Finally, we returned to Savica hut via Komna.

13) From Kranjska gora to Vršič - 30/Aug/2008

Driving the road across Vršič pass is very popular in Slovenia.
This video shows our journey from Kranjska gora to Vršič.
After leaving Kranjska gora, we stopped at nearby Jasna lake.
Large portion of this video shows us fooling around the lake.
We then drove up the winding road towards Vršič pass, and hiked the last section on a mountain trail.
The views of peaks above the pass were grand, especially the mighty Prisank.

12) Tamar valley and Zelenci - 26/Aug/2008

Tamar valley is one of the nicest valleys in Julian Alps.
It's located right by Italian border, in the extreme northwest of the country.
Planica, a famous spot for ski jumping, is located near the valley entrance.
Tamar is surrounded by majestic peaks, with the most beautiful, Jalovec, at the end of the valley.
After visiting the valley, we stopped at Zelenci, just nearby.
Zelenci are little pools with crystal clear water - this is the source of river Sava Dolinka.

11) Pokljuka - 29/Aug/2008

Pokljuka is a large forested plateau in Triglav National Park.
It's easily accessible by a paved road, and is therefore a popular place.
Many trails lead from Pokljuka to the highest peaks in the country.
In winter, it's a major center for cross-country skiing. 
The video shows a hike along an educational trail, explaining the nature and history of Pokljuka.

22 January, 2015

10) Martuljkov slap (waterfall) - 27/Aug/2008

This video shows a pleasant hike to Spodnji Martuljkov slap (lower Martuljek waterfall).
The hike begins in Gozd Martuljek, a little village near Kranjska gora.
There is another waterfall higher up the trail - Zgornji Martuljkov slap (higher Martuljek waterfall).
But we had enough at the lower fall, and turned back.

09) Swimming in Lake Bohinj - 28/Aug/2008

Lake Bohinj (Bohinjsko jezero) is my favourite place for swimming.
The video shows a hike around the lake, with a long pause for swimming.
Our Pina enjoys the water immensely.

08) Lake Bled - 25/Aug/2008

Chilling out on the southern shore of Lake Bled.
In the evening, we climbed up to Osojnica, which is one of the best viewpoints of the lake.

07) From Pesek to Osankarica (Pohorje) - 10/Aug/2008

Another pleasant family hike on Pohorje.
We started our hike by the Pesek hut, and followed the trail through the green forests of Pohorje.
Just before reaching Osankarica, we visited the site of the last stand of Batallion of Pohorje (Pohorski bataljon).

06) Lovrenška jezera (Pohorje) - 02/Aug/2008

We often hike to various places on Pohorje.
Lovrenška jezera is a marshy area dotted with tiny lakes.
It's about half way between Rogla and Ribniška koča.
In the summertime, blueberries are plentiful, and provide for a tasty snack.
The video shows a hike from Rogla to Lovrenška jezera and back.

05) Menina planina - 26/Jul/2008

A family hike up on Menina planina.
Pina encounters cows, a kind shepherd dog, and gets chased by horses.
At least she gets to meet a little sheep in the end.

21 January, 2015

04) From Logarska dolina to Jezersko - 19/Jul/2008

A beautiful hike from Logarska dolina to Jezersko.
The hike begins at the parking lot in Logarska dolina.
Rinka waterfall is located nearby.
A short hike up to Okrešelj follows.
From Okrešelj, we go uphill to Savinjsko sedlo.
This is the highest point on our hike.
We then slowly descend towards Jezersko on the other side.
Our border collie Pina enjoys relaxing swimming in streams and lakes.

03) Golte - 05/Jul/2008

Golte is a ski resort above Mozirje.
It is not just a winter destination - it offers pleasant hiking as well.
The video shows a family hike around Golte.
Our border collie Pina had some funny moments with cows and horses.

02) Črno jezero (Black Lake) - 29/Jun/2008

The first video shows a family hike to Črno jezero (Black Lake) on top of Pohorje.
Pohorje is a massif in Eastern Slovenia, known for several ski resorts, such as Rogla, Kope, Areh, etc.
Črno jezero is easily accessible from Osankarica, and it's a perfect short hike for families.

20 January, 2015

01) Introduction

This is a collection of videos from Slovenia.
High peaks, alpine streams and lakes, green forests and rolling hills.

Slovenia is a fairly unknown country, most people would have difficulty finding it on the map.
It's hidden in plain sight in central Europe, surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

For some reason, a lot of people seem to assume Slovenia must be some horrible place, ex-Soviet and war-torn, where life must be really bad.

None of the above is true.
In reality, it's quite nice.

It's one of the greenest countries in the World, and it packs a lot of diversity in very small geographical area.
From the capital, Ljubljana, the following landscapes are within one hour drive:

- Snow-capped Alpine peaks
- Alpine valleys with streams, rivers and lakes
- Adriatic/Mediterranean coast
- Rolling hills with vineyards
- Massive underground caves in the Karst region
- Endless green forests

There are endless opportunities for outdoor activities.
These videos show family trips and hikes in different parts of the country.