20 June, 2015

49) Nanos - 09/May/2015

Nanos is not just a mountain but a range in southwestern Slovenia, not far from the Adriatic coast.
The highest point is Suhi vrh (1313 m), but the most popular hiking destination is Pleša (1262 m). Pleša dominates the land between Postojna, Razdrto and Vipava valley, and is easily recognisable by the TV broadcast tower on top.
The video shows our hike to the summit of Pleša.
We started the hike in Razdrto, and went up the steep climbing trail.
It was quite windy on the summit, this area is known for strong northern wind named Bora (burja).
A mountain hut on the top (Vojkova koča) offers meals, drinks and lodging.
We returned via the easy trail, passing by the old church of St. Hieronim (the church is around 400 years old).