29 November, 2016

72) A hike from Robanov Kot to Korošica - 11/Sep/2016

Robanov Kot is a beautiful Alpine valley, just next to the more famous Logarska dolina.
The valley is off-limits to motorised traffic, you need to park your car near the entrance, and continue on foot.
So we did, and then we hiked all the way up to Korošica plateau, under the summit of Ojstrica.
It's a fun hike, with some steep parts when climbing up from the valley to the plateau.

28 November, 2016

71) Lake Bled - 02/Jul/2016

There's never enough of Lake Bled videos.
We spend a week in Bled each summer, and also visit often throughout the year.
This video shows a stroll around the lake with my son, and he also had some fun with his RC speedboat.

27 November, 2016

70) Mostnica gorge - 30/Jun/2016

After spending most of the day on the shore of Lake Bohinj, why not stretching your legs a bit?
Mostnica gorge is just nearby, just outside of Stara Fužina.
This gorge is about 2 km long, up to 20 meters deep, and in some places no more than one meter wide.
The river Mostnica has sculpted some amazing features in thousands of years, one of the most prominent is "The elephant".

26 November, 2016

69) A day out at Lake Bohinj - 30/Jun/2016

A relaxing day out on the shores of Lake Bohinj.
Swimming and chilling out in a beautiful setting.
Our kid played with his RC speedboat, and I swam across the lake to the other shore and back.

25 November, 2016

68) Vintgar gorge - 28/Jun/2016

Vintgar gorge gets quite a lot of visitors, because it's not far from Bled.
It does not take too long to hike from Bled to Vintgar.
With a car, it's just a few minutes drive.
The gorge is about a mile long, with near-vertical walls reaching up to 100 meters high.
It's a beautiful walk above the rapids and waterfalls of impossibly green river Radovna.
The gorge ends with a 13-meter high waterfall Šum.
The best time for taking good pictures and video is in the middle of a day, when the sun rays reach the gorge.
We went in the evening, so the video could be better - but that's OK.

21 June, 2016

67) Kamniška Bistrica - 30/Apr/2016

Kamniška Bistrica is a beautiful valley near Kamnik, easy to access by car.
There are trailheads to the highest peaks in Kamniške Alpe range (Grintovec, Skuta, Planjava).
A river, also named Kamniška Bistrica, runs along the valley.
The source of the river is in a small lake at the end of the valley (no swimming).
This video shows our hike, starting by the lake, and then walking downstream along the river.
The Predaselj gorge is quite notable - it's up to 30 m deep, with vertical rocky walls, and no more than a few meters wide.

20 June, 2016

66) A hike in Logarska dolina - 27/Mar/2016

This is a hike in Logarska dolina in early spring.
Logarska dolina is one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in the country. 
The entrance to the valley was snow-free, but the area around Rinka waterfall was still under a deep blanket of snow.
We took our Pina with us, and she enjoyed the day out in the snow immensely.
Note to self: Must do another video in Logarska dolina later in the year, with green grass and with leaves on trees.

19 June, 2016

65) Bicycle trip from Izola to Piran and Portorož - 20/Mar/2016

We don't just go hiking in the Alps - we also like to visit Slovenian seaside.
In this video, we go on a cycling trip on the coast, starting in Izola and riding our bicycles to Strunjan and Piran.
Piran is one of the most visited towns in Slovenia, and it shows in the video.
A lot of people were enjoying the warm spring sun on Tartini square, and visiting the seafront restaurants.
From Piran, it's just a short ride to Portorož, and then back to Strunjan and Izola through a couple of old tunnels.

18 June, 2016

64) Ratitovec - 16/Jan/2016

This short video shows a winter hike to a hut named Krekova koča (1642m) on Ratitovec.
Ratitovec has several peaks: Altemaver (1678m), Gladki vrh (1667m), Kremant (1654m) and Kosmati vrh (1643m).
When we reached Krekova koča, a strong and cold wind made it difficult to progress to higher peaks.
So we decided to call it a day.
The video shows the final part of our hike, across a steep rocky slope. This is followed by some scenes which show Krekova koča (until I stopped filming as I didn't want to freeze my fingers off).

07 January, 2016

63) Kamniško sedlo - 25/Dec/2015

Kamniško sedlo (1885m) is a prominent saddle in Kamniške Alpe range, connecting Planjava (2392m) and Brana (2253m).
The saddle is clearly visible from Ljubljana, and is a very popular hiking destination.
The usual trailhead is Kamniška Bistrica (601m), and this is where we started our hike.
The elevation gain on the hike is almost 1300m, which is quite respectable.
It's also possible to begin the hike at trailhead in Logarska dolina - this trail is a little shorter, but steeper.
All in all, it was a great way to spend the Christmas day.

06 January, 2016

62) Raduha - 12/Dec/2015

This video shows a winter hike to the summit of Raduha (2062m).
We've had very little snow this December, normally the mountain should have been covered under a thick blanket of snow.
We started the hike just below the mountain hut at Loka (1500m), and quickly arrived at the summit.
It was quite cold and windy at the top, so we didn't stay up there for long.
We took a different way down - to Planina Arta (1564m).

05 January, 2016

61) Korošica - 05/Dec/2015

Korošica is a grassy plateau below the summit of Ojstrica (2350m).
We started this hike at Planina Podvežak (1500m), and hiked up to Korošica.
A mountain hut named Kocbekov dom is located on Korošica, but we didn't go quite to the hut because it was getting late.

04 January, 2016

60) Begunjščica - 14/Nov/2015

This video shows a hike to the summit of Begunjščica (2060m) in Karavanke range.
We drove to the trailhead at Poljška planina (1180m) - the road is quite rough, so 4x4 comes handy.
It's an easy hike to Roblek (1657m), which is a very popular spot with great views and a mountain hut.
From Roblek, we hiked up to the summit - the trail is occasionally quite steep and can be slippery when wet. In icy conditions, crampons are a must.
From the summit, the nearby peaks in Karavanke (Stol, Vrtača, Košuta etc) can be seen, and also the peaks in Julian Alps and in Kamniške alpe range.
It was a cloudy day, so the views were a bit limited.
On the way down, we stopped at Roblek again, and had a good rest.

03 January, 2016

59) From Logarska dolina to Jezersko - 07/Nov/2015

We did this same hike a few years ago, but without the kids.
Now they are big enough to handle long hikes, so we took them with us.
The trail begins near Rinka waterfall in Logarska dolina.
In November, the waterfall is reduced to a tiny strip of water.
Above the waterfall, there is the source of Savinja river.
In a few minutes, we reach Okrešelj which is surrounded by some beautiful mountains: Turska gora, Rinke and Mrzla gora.
The hike becomes a little steeper, as we make our way up to Savinjsko sedlo (2001m).
This is the highest point of the hike, and it lies right on the border with Austria.
The second part of the hike is basically descent from Savinjsko sedlo, all the way down to Jezersko.
We pass north faces of the highest peaks in Kamniške Alpe range: Skuta (2532m), Grintovec (2558m) and Kočna (2540m).
The video shows a short stop at a hut named Kranjska koča na Ledinah (1700m), and then it ends with an evening view of Velika Baba (2127m).
Days are short in November, so we arrived to Jezersko in the dark.

02 January, 2016

58) Stol - 24/Oct/2015

Stol (2236m) is the highest peak in Karavanke range, on the border between Slovenia and Austria.
Access to the summit is easy from south and east, but more difficult from the Austrian side.
We started the hike at Valvasorjev dom (1181m), and hiked a little more than one thousand vertical meters to the summit.
The views from Stol are wonderful, once you are above the tree line.
All the highest peaks in Slovenia can be seen, and also the towns in Gorenjska (Upper Carniola): Jesenice, Bled, Radovljica, Lesce etc.
A mountain hut named Prešernova koča (2174m) is located just below the summit.
Once on the summit, a view into Austria opens up.
We took a different trail back to Valvazorjev dom - via Zabreška planina.

01 January, 2016

57) Debela Peč - 12/Sep/2015

Debela Peč (2014m) is an easy mountain in the Julian Alps.
The easiest way up is from Pokljuka plateau, there are trailheads at Medvedova Konta, at Šport Hotel, at Planina Zajavornik etc.
However, the mountain does have a steep north face above the Krma valley, so the trail from Krma is more difficult.
The video shows our hike to the summit of Debela Peč from the trailhead at Medvedova Konta.
It's a short hike (30 minutes) to a hut named Blejska koča na Lipanci (1630m).
From the hut, the summit of Debela Peč is just one hour 30 minutes away.
Once on the summit, the highest peaks in Julian Alps (Triglav & Škrlatica) are visible at close range.
The vertical drop across the north face down to Krma valley is quite impressive.
And there are great views across the Slovenian land towards east and south.