05 November, 2015

56) Above the clouds on Storžič - 26/Aug/2015

Storžič (2132 m) is a prominent peak in the Kamniške Alpe range. It's separated from the central parts of the range by Kokra valley, and because of that, views from the summit are quite amazing.
The weather did not look great when we got to the trailhead - foggy and grey.
But just when reaching the upper slopes, we broke out of the low clouds, and into bright sunshine.
The highest peaks in the range, Kočna and Grintovec, could be seen nearby, reaching above the clouds. In the west, Julian Alps could be seen in the distance.
Everything else was under a thick carpet of low clouds.

04 November, 2015

55) Češka koča and Jezersko - 08/Aug/2015

This was a nice family hike to a mountain lodge named Češka koča, in the range named Kamniške Alpe.
The hike to Češka koča is not very difficult, and not very long.
The lodge is a good stopover on the way to Grintovec, Kočna and Skuta, which are the highest peaks in Kamniške Alpe range.
On the way back, we took a stroll around a little lake named Planšarsko jezero, near Jezersko.